for the love of it

by Breazy Wright

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music for music's sake, for living's sake...for the love of it all.


released January 22, 2011

C. Jordan Richardson-Producer



all rights reserved


Breazy Wright Santa Barbara, California

Born in California, raised in the mountains, seen, felt, lived, experienced, loved, learned a thing or two along the way, discovered myself: music is my alchemy

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Track Name: as you please
Am I losin’ my mind
Or am I just losin’ you
Never thought you were mine
I always knew you would do

As you please
As you need
As you go along
Ramblin once again now baby do
As you please
As you need
Out there once again

It ain’t hard to define
When you look at life that way
I’d rather take life like wine
Sip it slow throughout the day
And I will give you all you need
To get you out there on the road
To do as you please
As you need
out there on the road
Do as you need
As you please
Out there once again

Hush your mouth now honey
Don’t you say a thing
It’s hard enough to see ya go
Oh, no, go so far
Oh, we’ve come too far,
Oh no, you’ll go so far away,
Said, oh no go so far
Oh, we’ve come too far,
Oh, no, you’ll go so far away.
Track Name: akin to an unkept pasture
Thrill me
Whatever you do
Till me
Rake me through and through
But don’t burn me
When you are through

Don’t move onto the next plot
You took from me everything that I had got
Here I’ll lie a barren field
Raped of dignity, weak in build

Rebuild me
Mitigate the harm
Pull for me
I need a stronger arm
To perform the task that’s
Set at hand
I’ve been pillaged, pillaged
Past the point which I can stand

Save me
Rescue this lost cause
Care for me
Can’t you stop just pause
Think about what it is you’ve done
You’ll be the fool of everyone

If you erase me
For the latest trend
And abandon me
To see what’s around the bend
Then if the pastures there aren’t green
Will you have proven, have proven anything

Or just have left me
To the world’s device
Mother Nature’s vice

And time will pass
We grow older
But, the damage done, the scar shows bolder
That you left me,
you left me behind
Because my roots run dry
And my leaves turned brown, brown
And you no longer want to hang around

And so you’ll leave,
So you’ll leave, goodbye
And so you’ll leave
So you’ll leave goodbye
And so you’ll leave
Track Name: I just don't know
What’s the feelin’ to be feelin’
When you’re not sure what to feel
Set my clock by such prediction
Beneath a cloak of contradiction
Could it be have I found
The next page just making a sound
I’ll travel around and play for a while
It’s what’s set in my heart
Keeps the flame with its spark
I invite you to smile
My intentions are milde
How to know how when to know when
If I knew would it be worth living
And what of those questions for which there’s no answer
Do they move you to tears
Invade your brain like cancer
Is it even worth time
Does it hassle your mind
Could it be that the solution
Only improves resolution
By temporal motion
Blinded by emotion
The balance I am seeking
Are my thoughts even worth the keeping
Don’t worry now about
How to know how when to know when
If you knew would it seem
You live the life of your dreams
Cause I just don’t know
Too much I feel
Learn so much new
But I been learnin’ from you
Been taught how to love
My well wishes to do
All the teaching no the preaching
What I’m capable of
Where I’m headed why I’m trying
Guess this is living not dying
Which direction I’ll choose
But I’ve got nothing to lose
Could you paint me a description?
Have I the courage of my convictions?
Track Name: Beam Team Song
I see you down there at my feet
Had plenty to drink but not near enough to eat
Now, drunk once again, you won’t accept defeat
Grab that Beam bottle and make your lips meet

Cause it’s time to drink with me, time to do
Got plenty of time for everything when we are through
Let’s take our liquid confidence, chase with a brew
Won’t remember anything, ain’t got shit to prove

And it’s not always about blacking out, maybe
But life is short let the drinks be tall, baby
If I go too far I beg you not to save me
Cause I’m set free in this darkness lately

You know, someone wise told me, “Drink well, drink often,
Cause this life is hell and we’re all bound for the coffin.
But keep your soul steady, yeah keep on laughing,
You’ve only got one chance to make shit happen.”

So come along grab a friend and follow me
We’ve got some work to get done with Jimmy Beam
Oh, mister Beam, mister Beam…
Deliver us from everything
We pledge to you, James Beam,
Sincerely, the Beam Team.
Track Name: kind green eyes
I go high and I go low
We tried to take it slow
Sweetheart I may be broke
But know my heart is whole

Both been hurt in the past
This time the lifeline has been cast
I’m caught up in love with you
Sure hope I’m a tasty catch

Sweet thoughts of you run through my mind
Was just doin’ my thang, and now I find
I’m in love with kind green eyes
I’m in love with kind green eyes

Soft sandy locks of hair
Wave all about your head
I’m so grateful that you spend your time with me
Especially in my bed

So sweet so real
All that together we feel
And as I look into your eyes so kind
Your benevolent soul, it does shine